Goats Rue Galega officinalis

  • Common Names
  • Goat's Rue , French lilac, Italian fitch
  • Botanical Name
  • Galega officinalis
  • Family

Medicinal Uses & Benefits of Goat's Rue

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How to Use: Goats Rue

The traditional use of Goats rue to treat diabetes has been a staple since the middle ages. Goats rue contains an alkaloid, galegine, that was found in clinical trials to decrease blood sugar and insulin resistance. This lead to the development of metformin, which is currently used in the treatment of diabetes. Studes in mice also point to a weight-reducing action for galega, that appears to involve a loss of body fat. 1

Other uses for goat's rue herb are in the treatment of rheumatism, bladder problems, fever, hard coughs, irregular menstruation, and as a galactagogue.1

The herb contains galegin, which affects blood sugar. The blood sugar-lowering effect of goat's rue herb has not been well documented. More study is needed on the potential uses of the ancient herbal medicine. It is not recommended for use as a primary therapeutic agent for treatment in severe diabetes. 2

Preparation Methods & Dosage :Traditionally taken as a tea

Goats Rue Side Effects: None noted

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Plant Description

Native to the Caucasus, flowering to 4 feet tall. Bright green, compound foliage and upright racemes of lilac flowers. Does well in northern gardens.

Regional Traditions :European *

How to Grow Goats Rue

Full sun to part shade and alkaline, well-drained, mesic to dry soils. As a member of the pea family, it fixes nitrogen and improves soil.