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Everyday we are bombarded with pitches for natural weight loss products on TV, on the radio, and those annoying pop up ads on the web. Most of these take the form of cleverly named, overpriced supplements that mash together a potpourri of weight loss herbs in a proprietary blend (meaning we want to hide the ingredients). Herbal supplements that contain a laundry list of every popular diet herb not only cost much more than bulk herbs, some are downright unsafe. You have better and cheaper options right in your kitchen.

Homemade Diet Helpers : Cacao Recent studies show that adults who eat chocolate on a regular basis are actually thinner that those who don't and that modest, regular chocolate consumption might be calorie-neutral. Natural Theobromine in chocolate produces an enjoyable "feel-good" effect in your brain. This positive feeling can help support your diet goals along with cardiovascular exercise and reduced calorie intake. Adding cayenne to your diet plan is a no-brainer. Cayenne, along with other peppers strengthen digestion and lessen the change of bacterial infections from unsanitary food and water. Cayenne peppers also lessen the gas and bloating that comes from eating heavy, greasy foods. Cayenne helps boost your metabolism and induces the body to burn off more fat. 1 Grapefruit Grapefruit increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, and has a cleansing effect on the kidneys which may help to regulate body weight with regular use. Pomegranate The punicic acid found in pomegranates is an especially powerful form of CLA, which has been shown to be beneficial in the fight against cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. There seems to be no downside other than cost in adding pomegranate juice to your daily diet. 4 Psyllium If you are looking for appetite suppression, don't forget the less glamorous herbs that provide fiber. Psyllium can help you eat fewer calories and still feel full. Natural psyllium acts as a safe and effective weight loss aid. The seeds expand in your stomach, increasing the feeling of fullness and slowing down the absorption of simple carbs. White, Linda B. M.D. Stevia The sweet leaves of this plant are a pleasant and guilt free alternative to sugar. Tea (Black or Green) Many studies indicate that green tea has positive effects in metabolic syndrome and weight loss. 3 The importance of caffeine was also highlighted in these studies, green tea catechins taken alone had no significant effects. White willow is used in many weight loss formulas for it's ability to raise the metabolic rate and enhance the action of other herbs. Turmeric is one of the most healthy and inexpensive spices used in cooking, but it also may help to limit weight gain from a high fat diet. Curcumin, a constituent of turmeric, acts by preventing the formation of fatty tissue. 1

The best way to avoid gimmicks and false promises is to buy pure, organic bulk herbs and make your own weight loss teas from them. Not only will you be assured of quality and freshness, but you can fine tune your diet formula to suit your own unique metabolism.

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