Arnica Tincture

Arnica tincture

The tincture of Arnica is used for external application to sprains, bruises, and wounds, and as a paint for chilblains when the skin is unbroken. Repeated applications may produce severe inflammation. For tender feet a foot-bath of hot water containing 2 oz. of the tincture arnica has brought great relief.

Arnica *
Recipe Instructions: Tincture :Tincture of fresh flowers 1:5 (75A:25W)
Tincture of dried flowers 1:10(50A:50W) Dilute using 1 part tincture to 4 parts water for cold compress. Add to hand or foot soaks for arthritis and swelling.
Source: Grieve, Maud Mrs. "A Modern Herbal Vol I" (1931)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Bruises/sprains :Life is full of bumps and bruises, from childhood on into old age. Bruises are the result of bleeding when the tiny capillaries under the skin are damaged, usually by an injury.
  • Pain Relief :Herbal remedies can bring blessed relief from body aches, sore muscles, headaches and arthritis pain..
  • Tinctures And Herbal Extracts :Learn how to make and use herbal tinctures, which are simply herbs extracted with alcohol, glycerin, or vinegar. Preserve your own home herbal harvest, and bulk organic herbs in a easy to use form.
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