Bath: Herbal Bath Oil Remedies

* chamomile * oatmeal * lavender * rosemary * lemon balm * green tea * comfrey * ginger

Herbal bath bags can be as simple as an old nylon sock or a piece of muslin tied up with a string. Any water permeable bag will do -stuff it full of aromatic dried herbs and let it infuse in the warm water.

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In the summer you can treat yourself to fresh lemon balm leaves or calendula flowers from the garden. Relaxing in a steamy, warm herbal baths is my favorite way to get full body skin care. A good bath herb should be tonic to the skin and relaxing/and or stimulating to the mind. Aromatic herbs that contain essential oils fit the bill perfectly.

I also repurpose dried medicinal herbs that have been on the shelf too long as bath blends. You should clean out your herbal stash at least once a year when putting up the current years harvest, and use any of last years remains as bath herbs to get the last bit of medicinal goodness out of them.

Bath salts make an everyday bath into a sweet and sensual, delightful hydrotherapy session. Use 3 parts Epsom salt to 2 parts baking soda as a base and add essential oils to customize your bath experience.

When adding the essential oils to the hot bath, wait until the water has stopped running, so they don't evaporate. You can dilute the oils in a base oil or honey, or add them neat, using a total of 10 to 14 drops per bath as a general rule. When using fresh herbs, put them in a muslin bag. To soften skin and remove impurities, dissolve 1 cup of epsom salts in the bath water.

Standard bath: Aromatic baths with herbs and essential oils are an important part of hydrotherapy (water therapy), benefiting both the body and the mind aspects of conditions such as stress, troubled skin, and arthritis.
Sitz Baths : Referred to as hip baths because only the pelvic region is immersed in the water, good for treating cramps, lower back pain, vaginitis and hemorrhoids.
Foot Baths: The many blood vessels in the feet are able to carry the herbal or aromatic remedy all over the body.


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