Berberine Tinctures

Barberry and Berberine tinctures

Whole herb extracts of barberry contain berberine as well as a supporting cast of chemicals that calm chronic inflammation. Compounds in barberry inhibit the COX-2 enzyme. Barberry and other berberine-containing herbs thus offer significant medical benefits for rheumatoid arthritis and liver health as well as cancers. This tincture can also be used in topical applications for fungal infections and acne.

Barberry * Coptis * Goldenseal * Oregon Grape *
Recipe Instructions: Tincture :Take 20 drops in 1/4 cup water 3 times daily for up to 2 weeks, or follow instructions on label for commercial extracts
Source: Balch, Phyllis A.,CNC. "Prescription for Herbal Healing", (2002)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Acne :Herbal remedies for acne both clear the skin and heal the scars acne leaves in the wake of a breakout
  • Athletes Foot/Ringworm :Athlete's foot is a superficial fungal infection that that infects the skin
  • Infection :Herbal remedies are effective, safer, and cost less to use than synthetic compounds and antibiotics.
  • Liver :A healthy liver is the foundation of health, and inversely, a failing liver is life threatening. Herbs can help
  • Rheumatoid_arthritis :There are many herbal remedies that can help to ease rheumatoid arthritis pain ,and many have a long history of use.
  • Tinctures And Herbal Extracts :Learn how to make and use herbal tinctures, which are simply herbs extracted with alcohol, glycerin, or vinegar. Preserve your own home herbal harvest, and bulk organic herbs in a easy to use form.
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