Borage And Lemon Mojitos

Borage Blue Courage Mojito

Borage mojito

Ego Borago - (I, Borage)
Gaudia semper ago. - (Bring always courage.)
The fresh, cook cucumber taste of borage will surely boost your courage to face a hot summer afternoon. The deep blue flower garnish adds an elegant touch for company. Use the smallish, medium leaves from the top of the plant for the best flavor.

Borage * Lemon *
Recipe Instructions: :Tear the leaves and muddle in the bottom of the glass with the lemon and sugar. Fill the glass with ice. Then complete with sparkling water or club soda. Rum is optional after 5 pm. ( It's always after 5 somewhere.)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Libations/Cocktails :The use of herbs as intoxicants is an ancient rite of celebration. Herbs like hops and wormwood are used as brewing ingredients
  • Summer :Summer remedies - the best herbal ice teas to cool down summers heat- plus gardening tips, fresh herbs for grilling - insect bites and summer skin care.
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