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When we are young we take the smooth and glowing skin as ours by right. However as we age, those lines in the mirror become hard to take. Who is that old lady staring back at me?

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The fashion and pharmaceutical corporations are constantly preying our on lack of self confidence and self image. Women usually respond to aging in two ways; by giving up and expressing a lack of interest in their looks, or by going into complete denial mode with surgical face lifts, and exorbitantly expensive creams and lotions. There is a better way, the wise woman way, that more women, (and men!) are turning to. Natural beauty treatments that nourish the skin and diminish wrinkles without busting the budget or exposing yourself to harsh and toxic chemicals. The first step preventing wrinkles to use gentle astringents like witch hazel, vinegar or crushed and crushed almond facial scrubs to remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin growth. Stay away from soap. The second and most important thing is follow that up with a hydrating, emollient treatment. This nightly routine can be as simple as washing your face with hot water and vinegar and following it up with an application of pure aloe gel. Whatever routine fits into your lifesyle and suits your skin type, homemade beats store bought any day of the week. There are more facial care remedies here for acne, dry skin, and everyday facial care.Note to smokers. If you want clear, wrinkle free skin stop smoking now.


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