Licorice For Pets

Licorice for Pets

pet remedy In several studies licorice has been shown to benefit animals suffering from liver damage. When giving licorice to your animal you are likely to find the best results with liquid extracts. Herb tinctures are readily available and quickly assimilated, which is important because of the short digestive tracts of cats and dogs. 12 - 20 drops, twice daily, per 20 pounds of body weight would be a conservative starting point. Consult a holistic veterinarian for exact dosages, or follow directions of commercial preparations for animals. Teas, salves, and oil infusions work well for skin applications. A simple oil infusion can be used as needed, but expect your companion to lick off the sweet tasting oil quickly- it tastes like candy.
Licorice *
Recipe Instructions: Tincture
Source: Tilford, Gregory L. "Herbs for Pets", BowTie Press, (2001)

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  • Liver :A healthy liver is the foundation of health, and inversely, a failing liver is life threatening. Herbs can help
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