Bayberry Myrica cerifera

Myrica cerifera
  • Common Names
  • Bayberry , Candleberry, wax myrtle
  • Botanical Name
  • Myrica cerifera
  • Family

Medicinal Uses & Benefits of Bayberry

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How to Use: Bayberry

Some research shows that bayberry contains astringent and antibacterial compounds. Myricitrin, the active antibiotic, encourages sweating, which can help break a fever. 1Bayberry was used to treat fevers by the Choctaws in the South, and the American colonists used it for dysentery. 19th century herbalist Samuel A. Thompson used bayberry, along with cayenne, lobelia and steam baths as detoxifying treatments extensively in his somewhat controversial practice. 3,4

Preparation Methods & Dosage :Decoctions of the root bark, and poultices.

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Bayberry Remedies

Bayberry Side Effects: In large amounts bayberry can elevate blood pressure and deplete the body of potassium. Avoid in pregnancy.

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