Old Fashioned Mints Tea

Old fashioned Mints tea

Motherwort and wood betony are members of the same plant family as the more well known mints. This old fashioned combination will gently ease nervous tensions and calm the heart for better rest and relaxation before sleep.

Motherwort * Peppermint * Wood Betony *
Additions: A touch of honey to bring out the flavor
Variations:Add valerian if you have trouble sleeping
Recipe Instructions: Herbal Tea :Chop fine and mix well. Put a large tablespoonful in a teacup, fill with boiling water, stir and infuse for 20 minutes. Strain and sweeten to taste. Drink the warm infusion before going to bed for a restful nights sleep.
Source: Grieve, Maud Mrs. "A Modern Herbal Vol I" (1931)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Anxiety :There are many herbal remedies that can support relaxation, ease anxiety, and help us regain balance.
  • Sleep/Insomnia :For light to moderate sleeping problems there are effective and safe herbal remedies.
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