Warm Up Oil

Warming Massage Pepper Oil

Massage into muscles before exercise to stimulate circulation, and to give relief to sore muscles and cold joints

Arnica * Black Pepper * Juniper * Rosemary *
Variations:Eucalyptus, pine, orange, and/ or peppermint oils
Recipe Instructions: Massage Oils/Essential Oil Blends : Using the same ratio of 1 more drop of black pepper than the other oils you can make up more than one application of this blend and store in an amber bottle. It seems to get better with age.
Source: Ericksen, Marlene . "Healing with Aromatherapy", McGraw-Hill (2000)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Circulation :Poor circulation makes itself felt in many ways including fatigue, poor concentration and swelling in legs and feet.
  • Massage Oils :The blend of the healing touch of massage and aromatic massage oils blends helps make self massage at home a powerful healing modality.
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