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St Johns Wort
St. Johns Wort

Annies Remedy A-Z Medicinal Herb Chart contains information on hundreds of traditional medicinal herbs and plants, yet it is still only a tiny fraction of the natural plants used for healing worldwide. The focus is for the most part on Western herbs though there is a sampling on the most popular herbs from the herbal traditions of China and Ayurveda as well as other cultures. The herb profiles include photographs, descriptions, medicinal uses, folklore, and references from the leading herbalists of today and ancient times. You can browse alphabetically by common names, to find information on a popular herb like ginger, or find it listed by its botanical name, Zingiber officinale.

Herbs are also grouped by their properties and actions. For example you will find herbs that are Adaptogens used in many herbal formulas for building the immune system and increasing the body's resistance to stress and adversity . Anti-inflammatory herbs help to calm flare ups in the digestive system as well as providing alternative remedies for arthritis. Antibacterial herbs help the body ward off cold germs and other infections of the airways while expectorants help to calm coughs.

Herbal Remedies The practical and common uses of herbs, as well as recipes and instructions on how to use them can be found in the herbal remedies section. The wise woman's knowledge of plants is of a practical nature, based on skill, observation, and recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. She was the family doctor, herbalist, candle maker, chef, and seamstress all rolled into one. This collection of herbal remedies grew out of a personal quest for self healing with herbal based alternative medicine. I hope you will find something here that helps you also, whatever your interest in natural, alternative medicine may be. Two of of the most popular uses for herbs according to our website visitors are: Natural strategies for healthy weight loss , and finding new ways to preserve and improve our ability to focus and combat memory loss . One of the most amazing things you will learn as you start to bring herbs and plants into use your daily life is how versatile they can be. We hope to provide you a good starting place in your search for health and well being.

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Augest - Featuring General Natural Recipes



August is kind of a segue month, although calendar-wise we are still in summer, we are winding down, reminded that it will not be long until the remainder of the year is soon on us, chock-full of events and changes.

Those of us who seek the natural ways to take care of our home & family, self, pets and gardens are always looking for preventatives, treatments, and remedies in recipes to make our living more enjoyable.

Thanks to blogs and social media (Pinterest quickly comes to mind), word has gotten out and many people have discovered similar formulas that some of our ancestors of times past once used for non-chemical cleaning products for the home. A basic recipe for all-purpose household cleaning is popular again, using items like baking soda, vinegar, borax, etc. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil if you want a fragrance added, as well as giving extra cleaning properties too.

For many of us, we want a natural homemade recipe for a mosquito repellent that is effective and safe for the skin. Unwanted chemicals can be pushed aside. Give one a try and see if it works well for you. There are numerous effective essential oils that can be added to a water spray or witch hazel - or a combination of both. One very effective essential oil for this purpose is Lemon Eucalyptus.

Once you find the solution and satisfaction of formulating your own effective recipe for whatever you seek, you will likely want to continue. It's intriguing and satisfying.

Have some fun!

For those of us who live in areas with autumn colors in the Fall . . . It's not at our doorstep yet, but we know it's not too far right around the corner!