Immune System Boost with Herbs

Astragalus root

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The prevention of disease is the function of the immune system. Tonic herbs can help build and support immune response to ward off colds, infections and other serious conditions by stimulating the bodies own natural defenses.

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TCM for a stronger immune system: Andrographis, Astragalus and Bupleurum are leading herbs from the Eastern traditions that are known immunostimulants. A Russian study in children found that Kan Jang (andrographis leaf extract and eleuthero root, i.e., Siberian ginseng) was more effective in reducing the severity and duration of common cold symptoms than the most well known Western herbal remedy for immunity, Echinacea.

Supplementing your diet with green superfoods barley grass and getting plenty of plant based essential fatty acids from herbs like flax seed and black seed oil also play a vital role in a strong and healthy immune system.


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