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Angelica root * Beth Root * Cacao * Cajeput Oil * Colt's Foot * Elderberry * Elecampane * Fennel Seed * Horehound * Horseradish root * Lobelia * Mullein * Mustard * Pleurisy Root * Red Poppy Flowers * Red Root * Schisandra * Speedwell * Spikenard * Thyme * Valerian root * Watercress * Wild Cherry Bark *

Homemade cough syrups and herbal medicine teas make use of simple ingredients like honey and lemon infused with healing herbs. Every family has its own favorite cough remedy that is passed down to each generation. These classic folk remedies work as well, if not better than their commercial counterparts.

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Aromatic herbs like thyme, Caraway, and eucalyptus do double duty with powerful infection-fighting and cough suppressive qualities. There are two main categories of herbs that are used in home cough remedies: expectorants and antitussives Use herbal expectorants when you want to clear the lungs of congestion and make coughing more productive. A dry, hacking cough is better served by herbs that calm the reflex to cough and act as mild sedatives.


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