Beth Root And Poplar Cough Syrup

Beth root and Poplar Cough Syrup

Take of poplar bark and bethroot(Trillium erectum), each 1 lb; water, 9 quarts; boil gently in a covered vessel 15 or 20 minutes; strain through a coarse cloth; add 7 lbs. loaf sugar*, and simmer till the scum ceases to rise. Family Hand Book, c. 1855 *Sugar in solid molded loaves

Balm of Gilead * Red trillium *
Recipe Instructions: Syrup :Honey would be a good replacement for the loaf sugar to modernize this recipe
Source: Alice Cooke Brown. Early "American Herb Recipes", (1966)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Cough :Homemade cough syrups and herbal medicine teas make use of simple ingredients like honey and infused with healing herbs.
  • Syrup :Home cough and cold syrups using honey, glycerin and herbs. Recipes for slippery elm cough syrup and old fashioned elderberry rob.
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