burns: How to treat with natural remedies

Aloe soothes and cools burns

Aloe Vera Gel * Balm of Gilead * Chamomile * Chaparral * Coconut oil * Elm, Slippery * Eucalyptus * Figwort * Flax seed * Garlic * Geranium * Gotu Kola * Grindelia * Hyssop * Kukui Nut Oil * Lavender * Marsh Mallow Root * Oak Bark * Plantain * Pomegranate * Sea Buckthorn Oil * St. John's Wort * Tamanu Oil * Witch Hazel *

The best resource in treating burns is common sense. If in doubt about the seriousness of the burn, go to the emergency room. Minor burns can be treated at home and will heal on their own. The best thing you can do is reduce the heat, by applying cold water or ice for at lease ten minutes, keep it on even if it stops hurting before this time is up, and you will prevent blisters. Do not put butter or oil on a fresh burn, oil forms a barrier that keeps the heat in. Many of the same treatments that heal minor burns work for sunburns as well.

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  • I am clumsy in the kitchen and keep an aloe plant in the window for quick and handy treatment of minor burns. Commercial aloe gels work too, but not as well as the fresh gel squeezed from a cut leaf.
  • A few drops of lavender or tea tree oil will keep infection away, apply them with a cool compress after you cool the burned area with cold water.
  • Plantain, a weedy plant that is most likely growing in your backyard, is in fact antibacterial and makes a quick, easy poultice quite soothing when applied to a burn. Like comfrey, it contains allantoin, an anti-inflammatory phytochemical known for the way it speeds healing and stimulates the growth of new skin. Another common "weed", chickweed, can be very useful for cooling and soothing minor burns as well.
  • Witch hazel extract is another all in one solution for burns you should keep handy in the first aid kit. It is astringent, decreases inflammation and cools burned skin.


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