Longevity: Herbal Anti-Aging Tonics

Alfalfa * Apple * Ashwagandha root * Astragalus root * Black Seed * Blueberries * Chaga Mushroom * Dandelion Root * Dong Quai * Epimedium * Fo-Ti Root * Ginkgo biloba * Ginseng root * Hawthorn Berry * Hibiscus * Jiaogulan * Maca root * Maitake mushroom * Milk Thistle Seed * Motherwort * Rehmannia root * Reishi Mushroom * Rooibos * Sassafras root * Schisandra * Spirulina * Stinging Nettle * Turmeric *

Tonic herbs for longevity can be taken in small amounts over a long period of time, and are not meant to "alter" or effect any one symptom of disease. These are the herbs that nourish, protect and strengthen our bodies, mind, and spirits. In other words, they are just plain good for you.

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The concepts of what a tonic herb is differs in each of the major healing modalities. The Eastern systems of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine make use of adaptogens like ginseng to promote a long and healthy life. Herbs that are adaptogens are noted for their effects on slowing the effects of aging by helping decrease the bodies reaction to stress. Chaga and the similar reishi mushroom both have a reputation as tonics for longevity and health which are born out by recent scientific studies.1

Western herbalists place more emphasis on antioxidants, nutrition and detoxification for anti-aging therapy. Herbs such as sassafrass and wormwood are part of the folklore traditions of North American herbalism, and while these herbs are classified as tonics and blood purifiers, they are toxic when taken on anything but a very limited basis, making them very different from the other herbs listed here.

Heart Health Both East and West seem to agree that herbs that support the heart and improve circulation are vital to a long life. Ginger, ginkgo and hawthorn are some of the most often prescribed herbs worldwide.

Diet for a long life: Herbs and plants that provide vital nutrition and micronutrients should be made part of a healthy diet just as the fruits, vegetables and grains that sustain our lives. Asian cultures consider apples suitable for those who wish to continue eating fruit on a yang diet. (Weiss, Gaea and Shandor)Apples contain malic and tartic acids, and salts of potassium, sodium, magnesium, and iron. They are sighlty laxative, calming, and purging. In herbal medicine, apples are regarded as having a cleansing influence on the liver, colon, spleen, and kidneys. Spirulina is both an ancient food source and a modern dietary supplement. Spirulina is a rich source of high value nutrition and is rich in essential aminio acids, making it especially valuable those on a weight loss diet or who engage in strenuous athletics.


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