Vita-Root Tea

Vita-Root Tea

An excellent tea to nourish the liver, and help regulate excessive menstrual bleeding.

Burdock * Comfrey * Dandelion * Licorice * Wild Yam *
Additions: Options for flavor: ginger, cinnamon, orange peel, licorice
Recipe Instructions: Decoction :

Use four to six tablespoons of the herb mixture per quart of water. Place in cold water over a low heat and slowly bring to a simmer. Keep the pot covered and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain. Drink 3 to 4 cups daily for at least four months.

Source: Gladstar, Rosemary. "Herbal Healing for Women",(1993)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Liver :A healthy liver is the foundation of health, and inversely, a failing liver is life threatening. Herbs can help
  • Longevity Tonics :Tonic herbs for longevity can be taken in small amounts over a long period of time, and are not meant to alter or effect any one symptom or disease.
  • Menorrhagia :Make your own herbal teas to ease heavy menstrual bleeding and curb heavy or excessive menstrual flow from common, inexpensive herbs you can grow at home.
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