Pregnancy - Childbirth: Use Herbs Safely

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The herbs used for pregnancy are the same herbs that have been used by midwives for centuries. One area of great benefit is their high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and other constituents that provide an excellent source of concentrated nutrition.

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Making herbal teas, enjoying a relaxing and stimulating herbal bath, and massaging the skin with homemade herbal oils is one way to ground the expectant mother in the natural rhythms of the lifecycle. Pregnancy and childbirth are generally a healthy and joyous time, however problems and complications can and do occur. Ideally every pregnancy should be guided by the gentle hand of a trusted health care professional, and expectant mothers should also be able to avail themselves of all the choices that modern medicine can afford. Nourishing herbs called galactagogues stimulate mothers milk and restore a woman's energy postpartum. Some herbs can be used in the last few days of pregnancy to help open the womb and ensure an easier childbirth under the care of a birthing healer, doctor or midwife.

Herbal Tonics Black haw,(viburnum) is an excellent remedy for menstrual cramping, and is used by herbalists in helping to prevent miscarriage, for "quieting" the uterus and dysmenorrhea. Raspberry leaf tea is a safe, nutritive, uterine tonic. It is generally recommended for use during the entire nine months of pregnancy. (Gladstar, Rosemary) Blessed thistlestimulates blood flow to the mammary glands to enrich and increase breast milk.

Calm Stress and anxiety Chamomile is excellent as a tea to soothe stress and calm digestive ills. Use Chamomile essential oil is safe to use during pregnancy. Blend with carrier oil for a calming aromatherapy massage blend. Gently relaxing Lavender and rose petal baths are excellent for pregnant women and are highly recommended during the entire pregnancy.

Use these herbs in moderation Hot ginger tea served with lemon and honey is a delicious way to treat morning sickness, however be aware that there are warnings about the use of ginger during pregnancy. used in moderation (the equivalent of 2 teaspoons, or 1 gram, two to three times per day) poses no risk to the health of the mother or developing baby. (Balch, Phyllis A. CNC) Craving dill pickles? The compound apiole in dill is such a powerful emmenagogue that most herbalists warn pregnant women not to use it in medicinal concentrations, however, indulging in a few dill pickles does no harm. (Duke,James, Ph.D.)


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