Aphrodisiacs for Women & Men

Herbal aphrodisiacs

Ashwagandha root * Asparagus * Calamus root * Catuaba * Clary Sage * Cubeb * Damiana * Dong Quai * Epimedium * Jasmine Flower Oil * Kava-Kava * Kudzu * Maca root * Muira puama * Rose * Sandalwood Oil * Tribulus terrestris L * Wild Yam Root * Ylang-Ylang * Yohimbe *

As any woman will tell you, the best aphrodisiacs are the ones that work on the mind/body/spirit; addressing both physical and emotional needs, unlike many sexual tonics that concentrate more on physical performance and hormonal balance.

De-stressing and relaxing with aromatherapy releases the emotions and and response to physical stimuli needed for good chemistry. Intimate, relaxing massage with essential oil synergies will awaken the senses and establish trust in the context of a loving relationship.

Romantic Massage with clary sage oil is beneficial for sexual dysfunction, frigidity, and impotence, partly due to hormonal influence and partly due to clary's ability to relieve anxiety and fear. Jasmine oil is a notable aphrodisiac, warming and relaxing the body. It also acts on the male sexual organs, warming and strengthening. Sensual and evocative, Rose has been used since ancient times as a favorite ingredient in love potions, and as an aphrodisiac. It reduces anxiety connected with sex, helping calms emotions that block arousal. Sandalwood's musky fragrance smells very much like alpha-androstenol, a male pheromone present in human sweat, which may help explain sandalwood's ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac. In addition sandalwood is a hormone regulator and affects the pituitary gland. Ylang ylang extra has an intense floral, sweet, jasmine-like, almost narcotic sensual, euphoric aroma, perfect for loving massages. Nancy L Nickell. "Nature's Aphrodisiacs" Crossing Press, (1999)

Herbal aphrodisiacs have held a fascination for all peoples and countries worldwide since Adam and Eve. Herbs offer a natural alternative to enhance your sexual drive, but you need to be able to separate the myths from the facts. Damiana was used by Latin American cultures in rituals and as an aphrodisiac before lovemaking. The alkaloids in Damiana leaf are stimulating, help increase blood flow, and have anecdotal reports of increasing sexual sensitivity and euphoria. (Balch, Phyllis A. CNC) Muira puama contains the numerous chemicals and volatile oils that restore the sex drive. Kava kava can heighten sexuality. It gently warms and stimulates the genitals. Drink kava kava tea no more than one hour before sex- or you may succumb to the desire for sleep.

Hormonal Balance Female hop pickers can suffer disruption or complete absence of menstruation due to the absorption of the oil through their hands. This is due to the estrogenic principles in hops, and accounts for its traditional aphrodisiac effect in men. Dong quai's ability to optimize female hormones sets the stage for responsiveness to sexual desire. Sexual pleasure, particularly orgasmic intensity, may be enhanced with the use of dong quai. (Meletis, Chris D.) There is no hard evidence that wild yam arouses women sexually, but salves made from it can make intercourse more comfortable for women over 40 and are a fine substitute for estrogen creams used as vaginal lubricants. White, Linda B. M.D. Shatavari, Asparagus racemosus, is highly regarded in Ayurveda as an herb for women's health, fertility and libido. Shatavri is an important tonic for the female reproductive system, and is used to treat irregular periods, for menopausal symptoms, to increase lactation, and as an aphrodisiac .Mountain Rose Herbs


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