African Herbal Traditions

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The beginnings of civilization and the origins of the healing arts can be traced back to Africa and the divine Inmhotep, healer to the Pharaohs. The ancient African healers had an elaborate materia medica, most of the over 5,000 plant species have been used for food and medicine for centuries. There is no clear distinction in traditional African medicine as to when a herb ceases to be a health food and becomes a medicine. The traditions of Africa have not been documented nearly as well as the cultures of India and China, leaving African medicinal plant species underrepresented in modern herbal medicine. Valuable species are in danger of being lost to deforestation before we ever come to understand them, and some such as Pygeum have become an endangered species because of the high demand. Hopefully we will find the wisdom to preserve this ancient and immensely valuable resource for the Earths children.

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